Short bio

onno new cartoonized2 smallOnno Hansen-Staszyński is a passionate reformer and analytic on the crossroads of technology and society. Onno’s experience is broad: art, philosophy, finance, NGOs, ICT. Although it is within a small frame that perfection can blossom a broad background helps to not bother about anything but the thing itself.

Current key areas:
Youngster identity (co-coined label “Generation F“): mad scientist at Dutch national radio program 3FM Tussenuur;
Education innovation: co-author of 3 EU, 3 Polish national and 3 Gdańsk local education projects on this theme aiming to push teachers out of their comfort zones;
Online identity and Augmented Reality: co-author of 3 EU and a Polish national education projects on this theme; co-created several AR games;
Social action: partner in an EU project on social exclusion (Talking about Taboos);
Adult education: partner in an EU project on adult learning regarding Web 2.0 (Web2Learn) – winner of the 2015 1st prize INTERNATIONAL PRIZE at the Festival van het Leren;
Video productions: creating corporate and independent video productions;
Journalism: citizen journalism (Citizen Solidarity/ Obywatel Solidarnosc), online journalism (Frankwatching) – #1 QUALITY MARKETING BLOGGER 2016 in the Netherlands; in the past mainstream mainly for weekly De Groene Amsterdammer;
Communities: author and applicant of an EU project on parent self-help communities (OZO); in the past responsible for the ASN bank community VDWVM;
Web 2+ and semantics: co-author of a new semantic language independent recommendation system – Findsi;
Validation: author of a new online validation infrastructure – Thatizme;
– Cross-border e-commerce: in the past partner in an EU cross-border e-commerce project (PECOS4SMEs).