Feeling tired

In my surroundings, I often hear (and read) that people feel more tired after an online meeting and after online work activities than they felt offline, in the pre-lockdown period. In Poland, the country in which I am in lockdown, school activities online may only take four hours online. At our school, as a result, lesson hours online last 25 minutes.

According to Eleanor Gordon-Smith video fatigue is a thing. She attributes it to the experience of permanently feeling watched online during video communication. We become self-conscious as a result and very tired. This discomfort is yet another tiring feature in addition to the need to fill in gaps in non-verbal communication, the granular structure of online communication, and the downside of forced online communication that we saw earlier: feeling out-of-joint.

Taking all this together, it is maybe just the lack of spontaneity in online communication that wears us out. Communication online takes effort to plan, it takes effort to be and takes effort to understand. And this is even harder right now because of our enlarged state of dislocation that is the result of the current lockdown.