Everything has meaning

A next good practice concerns live streaming. When we are live streaming we should be aware of what our viewers will see. We should take some time to examine what exactly is registered by our camera.

The first thing we need to ask ourselves is what kind of persona do we want to portray? Who is it that we want to be for our viewers? There are so many options to choose from. We could, for instance, be untouchable experts or approachable friends. It is like deciding what character we are going to play in a theatre production. We should look at ourselves as actors who are entering a stage.

We do not choose a persona anew every time we live stream.  We should strive to portray the same persona for our audience consistently. Only if we’d live stream for a different audience we could decide to be someone else. But as soon as we return to our original audience we should return to our original persona.

If we would change our persona for a different audience there always is the danger that a person from the original audience also finds themselves in the new audience. This might lead to awkward situations as any teacher who has met a student in the supermarket can tell you.

When we have decided what role we are going to play in front of the camera we should think about what consequences this holds for the way we look. There is a double strategy that we need to apply at this moment: we should both clean up and create. This strategy is valid in every situation concerning our reputation.

Concretely, we should remove all elements in the way we look that could distract from the image we want to portray. We should look at ourselves as if we are strangers and ask ourselves what elements of our current appearance undermine the credibility of the role we are going to play. These elements should disappear. We need to clean them up.

At the same time, we should contemplate what elements are missing from our appearance. What would enhance the credibility of the role we are about to play? We should add these elements to our persona. This means that we create.

The last step is to look at everything that will be visible on-screen beyond us. Every object, every detail that is registered by our camera will be interpreted by our viewers. We should approach our surroundings as we have approached ourselves: we should clean up and create.

Everything our viewers see has meaning to them. We either steer this meaning or will be steered by it.